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Review: Living Again (Living Again #1)

Living Again - L.L. Collins



Living Again is a story of great loss, love and redemption. It's a story about Kayley, a pregnant widow who lost the love of her life due to an unfortunate circumstance and Ben who is a romantic, perfect doctor who has insecurities about himself because of his cheating ex-fiancee.

I gave it a 3-3.5 rating because it is little long for me and there were scenes that I could have live without. I'm not sure if the author just wants to lengthen her book more or if they have any significance in the story. I kept on waiting for a climatic scene to happen about 70% in the book but it just so happen that there was none and they've been living their HEA all throughout the book already. Don't get me wrong there was one minor blip in their relationship in about 55%+ of the book I think but that's it.

Also I can't get over how PERFECT and so UNREAL Ben's character is! I've been saying "Are you for real?" all throughout the book! 




He's just so so so so perfect and romantic and I just don't know how to describe him! But to quote Kayley "God himself must live inside that man." It just seems to me that his character can't do no wrong. 

Overall, it was an OK read for me.