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Review: Stinger (Sign of Love, #3)

Stinger  - Mia Sheridan

5 stars!!!

This is my first attempt to write a book review! Well I actually wrote a few but they’re just a few sentences (oh you get my point). So here goes! Forgive me in advance for incorrect grammar or misused of words, English is not my first language ;)

Okay so STINGER… I actually read Safe with Me before this book which left me begging for more action being the hero an ex-SEAL and all, but this book though delivered those for me. Carson Stinger is a PORN STAR, yup a porn star and hot one I might add. He is the kind of man who doesn't care what other people thought of him; he doesn't plan and just goes with the flow with his life. Then there’s Grace, a girl with a solid plan for her future the total opposite of Carson.

“I'm the kind of girl who wants to get married in a big, white dress, wearing my grandma's pearls. I want a husband who loves me and is faithful to me. I want him to come home to me every night, and I don't want to have to worry if he's doing his secretary, because he's the kind of man who has too much honor to do that. I want to wait a year and then I want to start trying for the two kids that we'll eventually have a girl and a boy. And when we have those kids, I do not want, one day, to have to look in their little faces and explain why their daddy is on the internet having relations with everyone from College Honeys to Cougars Gone Wild for money…..” 

They made an arrangement that they will stay together just for the weekend and basically prepare Grace for her future husband. But that weekend turned out to be more for the both of them so they decided to cut it short to make it less unbearable when they say goodbye to each other. That farewell scene was so written beautifully it had me almost in tears, it felt like they knew each other for a long time and was saying goodbye for good. 

“I looked down at her and gave her a small smile, my heart thudding hollowly in my chest. I would never know what we could have been together and it felt so fucking unfair. I thought of all the things that would make me think of her, too many to mention them all.” 

I love that this book has more to it than what was said in the blurb. I initially thought that the story will just revolve around how they will handle their relationship being that it was not typical. I love that when every time Grace asks Carson why he calls her “Buttercup”, he always comes up with these sweet answers.

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
“Maybe it's your hair,"

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
"Hmm… maybe it's because you smell like a flower,"

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
"Maybe because your skin is as creamy as butter,"

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
"Maybe because you're so little, like a flower."

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
"Maybe because your skin is satiny like a flower petal,"

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
"Maybe it's because you're as pretty as a flower,"

“Why do you call me Buttercup?”
"When I was a boy, I used to pick buttercups in my granny's yard. She used to hold one up to my chin and I used to hold one up to hers, and when it reflected yellow, she told me it meant we liked butter."

Overall, I was incredibly impressed and satisfied with this book. I loved it! much more than her Leo series. I hope she’ll introduce us to more of Carson ex-SEAL team mates! 

Yay I survived! On to the next one! :)