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Safe With Me (With Me in Seattle, #5) - Kristen Proby How do I start?.... I was kind of expecting that this book was an action/romance kind of book wherein Brynn's ex-husband killers will finally get her and Caleb will swoop in... more action. more action. more action. and save the day!! although it actually happened but it was so short!! and there was nothing described in the book of the actual scenes when it happened. I mean he's an ex-SEAL for crying out loud! I wanted action scenes! show me some guns! lol. Anyway, there was no shortage of SEX scenes, and those scenes were hot (not complaining there) but I really wished there was more to the book than the hero's internal conflicts. Oh & last thing! who pet names someone "Legs"?? If I have an amazing ass will you call me ass?. >.<