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Review: Red Hill

Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

**2 disappointing stars**




Expectations too high?


Red Hill was one of my most anticipated releases for this year. Having read The Warm Bodies (which I totally loved), I feel like this book doesn't have a unique story line when it comes to the usual zombie drama. Don’t get me wrong I love the writing, but I felt that the story was lacking of creativity and I only connected with Scarlet’s character ONLY in the beginning. Then I hated her for the latter part of the book. The beginning of the book had me on the edge of my seat then I slowly moved to get more comfortable because I was bored.


Red Hill was told in Scarlet, Nathan & Miranda’s POVs. Scarlet, a mother separated from her two daughters at the beginning of the book and made her life’s mission to find them again (sacrificing lives left and right). Nathan, a father searching for a safe place for his daughter. And Miranda (the slut ;D) searching for Red Hill with her group. Mind you that this book is a romance book too, so I had my hopes in romance since being left unsatisfied by the apocalyptic part. But then the romance part showed its ugly head in about 60%+ of the book!! This is where Nathan & Scarlet finally met. And boom! insta-love. Guess there is no build up there *rolling eyes*. I HATED Miranda’s character. She led me to believe that she loved Bryce. I really believe that Bryce genuinely love her. And then she met Joey. I had nothing against the guy, but realizing that Miranda has her eyes set on him and that cheating was bound to happen made me slowly hate him too. Sad, I know. But Cooper, I like. He was the only character in the book that I honestly loved.


And finally that ending. What kind of ending was that?!! Although I was happy that Miranda died, the ending was so unrealistic! I mean who would want to stay in a house on a hill where there was shortage of food and water, a place where your friends died or in Scarlet’s case sacrificed (hehe) and let’s not forget the creepers.


Overall, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of originality and creativity of the book. Maybe she could’ve made the zombie fly? or made them drive a car? lol. Wait can the zombies even run in this book?.